1979 Mission – Proposed Community Benefits

1979 Mission pic In addition to adding 290 rental units, 41 affordable workforce homes, and 49 below-market apartments, the 1979 Mission project proposes a number of improvements aimed at increasing community safety and preserving the culture of San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood. The planned development would place buildings 15 feet from the property line, expanding the BART plaza by approximately 40 percent, and the developers plan to encourage use of the plaza as a more active public space. The project’s proposed Mercado, or market hall, will provide an opportunity for local artists and businesses to showcase their wares.

In addition, the new, raised playground space will increase the total size of Marshall Elementary School by 50 percent, lessening the impact of shadows from surrounding buildings. The 1979 Mission project will also implement improved lighting to create a safer, more community-oriented neighborhood. The project’s improvements to Capp Street also include new landscaping best practices used by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, as well as traffic-calming features such as widened sidewalks and raised crosswalks.

The developers of 1979 Mission intend to preserve the history of the neighborhood and promote respect for its rich culture. They plan to identify buyers within the community to purchase new on-site homes and will work with local organizations and cultural groups to bring in new residents. Additionally, the project will feature work by local artists at several key focal points.


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