About 1979 Mission

A new residential and retail project planned for San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood, 1979 Mission proposes to combine rental and for-sale housing with community-oriented retail space. 1979 Mission will feature affordable workforce housing, hundreds of rental units, and a range of other assets, all located at the transit-rich intersection of 16th and Mission.

1979 Mission will consist of one five-story and two 10-story buildings, with over 32,000 gross square feet of flexible space for retail and services on the ground floor. The housing units will range from studio apartments to four-bedroom family homes; the project is slated to have 42 units for sale at rates affordable to working San Francisco families, and 303 units that will be designated as market-rate rental apartments.

In addition to providing much-needed housing in the area, 1979 Mission aims to encourage and accommodate diverse modes of transportation for building residents, as well as for retail tenants and customers. The 16th and Mission project will provide secure spaces for bike parking, residential and retail-use parking, and a minimum of four dedicated car share spaces. 1979 Mission will also help facilitate safe access to public transportation by revitalizing and repopulating the 16th and Mission BART plaza through the increased pedestrian interest and interaction that will be sparked by the welcoming retail and open spaces.


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